Online Slots how to play smart.

Like with every game in a casino you want to increase your advantage and here are some tips to play slot machines.

Betting higher is not better, because it does not increase your chances of winning. Decision how much to bet should be decided by the amount of your bankroll. There are no hot and cold slots online, it’s a random number generator every single time. Don’t try to beat slots! Every spin hit one of the billions of probabilities. There’s no possible way to calculate the results and it has the same chance of winning or losing every single time.

When you would choose which slot to play you should read the rules and pick slots with the highest RTP (Return To Player Rate). Every slot has one and it’s always lower than 100%. For example, if the slot has 98% it’s considered to be a high RTP, still if you play long enough period you will end up losing. It’s important to keep in mind to decide when you should stop spinning, when you are ahead, stop if you like to keep your money. Having more bonuses in the game does not make the game more profitable, your winning percentage will be also going back to the RTP number. Another advice is to choose a simpler slot with fewer bonus rounds to play, so it’s easier to understand what’s going on and it would make your spins less diluted. You can practice by playing for free online, most online casinos offer free spins, free chips, practice modes, where you can learn before you decide to play with real money.

Don’t play with borrowed money that will make you tense and make it less likely for you to attract winning a jackpot to your reality. Visualize your win as if it has already happened and what you are doing with the money you now have. Add small details to your visualization to make it feel more real. Check the article about The Law of Attraction. Watch videos with people winning using the Law of Attraction to set you in the right state and make your visualizations easier. The more realistic you are the more your brain will sabotage your manifestations. Thanks for reading, Have Fun and Win Big!

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