How To Play 7 Card Stud.

Seven card stud is another fun poker game where you have a lot more creativity vs pop no limit Holdem. In the beginning of the game you are being dealt 2 down cards, same way you would do in Holden poker with only the difference that each player also gets a third card which is face up.

1.       What are suits ranking in 7 card Stud? – It’s easy to remember because it goes in alphabetic order. Its – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. The lowest card by suit would be 2 of Clubs and that’s the player who would bring it in.

2.       What is bringing in? – He has to throw some money into the pot. For example, in a $20-40 Limit game, he would throw $5. He could put $20 as well, but that’s not recommended.

3.       What about Antes? – In the game, we are taking as an example above – it would also be somewhere between $3 to $5 depending on where you are playing.

4.       Who starts the game? – It’s the person on the left from the one who brings it in.

5.       How does that person start the game? – He has an option to bet, to raise or fold and after him the action will go around the table until everyone completes the betting round.

6.       What happens after the first betting round is done? – You get another card face up and we have another betting round. If you are playing $20 – 40 Limit. Same as with Limit Holdem. $20 is your bet for the first 2 betting rounds and $40 is for the last 2. With one exception to the rule.

7.        What is that exception? – In a case that a player with a door card pairs his card. Say he has 2 of clubs and another 2 comes. Besides that it’s a really good thing for him. He also gets to bet twice as much. In our case $40.

8.       What do the other rounds look like? – The same. You get another card face up and another betting round takes place with the difference that on the 5th and 6th streets you would be betting $40 instead of $20.

9.       What about the river? – the final card the River comes face down and after another betting round we will get to the showdown.

10.   Who starts the betting? – Betting will always start whoever has the highest board. Say you have an Ace high board, so you will be doing the betting. If someone get something better, say a pair then he will be leading the betting.

11.   Who wins in the 7 Card Stud? – Whoever has the best hand with the combinations identical to Holdem Poker.

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