Atlantic City – “little Las Vegas”: the kingdom of dreams in the sand

Calling Atlantic City a competitor of the famous Las Vegas is hardly possible. But to lose a considerable amount of money, or vice versa, to win a million, is still real. After all, Atlantic City is a city of casinos, slot machines with “one-armed gangsters” and poker clubs. And also it is a city for those who want to put a lot of money on shopping and carelessly soak up the magnificent coast of the Atlantic Ocean of the sandy island Absecon. Since its inception, he has attracted Philadelphia. And when the railway was laid on the island, the city in general became popular among foreign tourists. What is this kingdom of dreams in the sand, let’s find out, going there on a short journey.

Атлантик Сити

Atlantic City – resort city

You can imagine that in some 1874, Atlantic City was visited annually by half a million tourists! And all because of the wonderful mild climate. The city has become a real resort for the working class of Philadelphia. Just 90 km – and you are on a great vacation, on a wonderful beach by the boundless ocean. The city authorities caught the gist and began to build up the coastal zone with luxury hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and theaters. For a reasonable price, a person could find here entertainment for the soul – food, drinks, women. Moreover, everything is legal and legal.

But after the Second World War, Atlantic City experienced a decline. There were many reasons. Those who were richer and had a car went to look for better places to rest, began to build up suburbs with private houses and rested in places that were more comfortable and less dusty, air travel became cheaper and people went to discover the Bahamas and Miami. From a respectable resort city, Atlantic City has turned into a deserted town with visiting visitors.

Атлантик Сити

Legalization of gambling

But in the late 70s, Atlantic City was revived again. The city legalized the gambling business and began building casinos. So, the first casinos appeared on the Boardwalk embankment and in the Marina District quarter. Gambling public rushed to Atlantic City. Today there are 11 casinos in the city, and it is planned to open new ones. Cards, sex, alcohol – everything is legal, everything is legal. That city has become a “small Las Vegas”, in fact, the second gambling capital of America. An interesting fact, it was Atlantic City that was devoted to the game “Monopoly”.

Казино Атлантик-Сити

Atlantic City Casino

If in Las Vegas all the casinos of the city are located practically in one place, then in Atlantic City these establishments are located in two zones distant from each other. Some of them are in the old part, located along the coast on the Boardwalk Embankment (there are excellent beaches near the old casinos). These are famous poker clubs and gaming establishments, so legendary and recognizable by their appearance. But, we can say that they have already served their own. Needless to say, if their dealers and waitresses are akin to the casinos themselves. These are atmospheric institutions, however, they do not add glamor to the institutions themselves. But we still recommend visiting them, if only for the sake of that atmosphere.

Казино Тадж-Махал

The most famous casino in Atlantic City is the Taj Mahal. Under its vaults, not only millions of dollars are won and lost, but also musical concerts are held on the big stage, and boxing matches take place on the casino’s sports field.


But if you drive away from the historic center of the city, you will see new gambling establishments that amaze with their luxury and technical innovations, with glamorous furnishings and young service personnel. Here it is worth going there to try to win a million.

Набережная Boardwalk

Sights of Atlantic City

In the historic part of Atlantic City you can see the very first eight casino hotels built on the embankment, covered with wooden planks. Boardwalk is called the embankment and has a length of six kilometers. This is the heart of the city, and probably the most nostalgic part of Atlantic City. Exactly in this place the rich night life of the city takes place. There are many restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. It is worth noting that in Atlantic City all beaches are free, and you can easily relax on one of them.

Музей Рипли «Believe It or Not»

On the waterfront there are several moorings. So, in the very center of the embankment the shopping center The Pier Shops at Caesars is high with chain stores and boutiques, chic restaurants and small eateries. Some souvenirs that are sold in the center, are made right on the spot, in the handicraft workshops. An unusual Rievey Believe It or Not Museum with a collection of strange and amazing exhibits from around the world is open on the quay.


Recently, Steel Pier  was renovated, where the amusement park is located. Carousels and the Ferris wheel operate in the summer season. During this period, carnivals and bright shows of the program are held here. In the evenings, the pier is illuminated with lights. At the Pier Garden Pier, the free Atlantic City History Museum, the Center for the Arts and the Art Gallery of Atlantic City are open. Here is the Boardwalk’s Kennedy Plaza, in the evenings in which there are also free shows.

Маяк Absecon Lighthouse

One of the attractions of the city is the second largest lighthouse in the United States Absecon Lighthouse. Today it is non-working, but it glows every evening for promotional purposes. Those interested can climb to the observation deck of the lighthouse and appreciate the beauty of the city down.

Океанариум Atlantic City Aquarium

Going deep into the quarter, you will be taken to the city’s Atlantic City Aquarium with a magnificent collection of marine fauna from the coastal waters, you will see dolphin shows, aquariums with rare species of fish and huge electric rays and sharks. By the way, many animal shows in the Aquarium are educational.

Отель-казино Цезарь

No less original are the hotels in Atlantic City. Each of the hotels on the Boardwalk is a real landmark, with a unique interior, facade, they are made in a certain thematic style. In addition to high-quality service, visitors can expect a lot of entertaining surprises and unusual entertainment.

Слон Люси в Атлантик-Сити

Next to Margaret City you will see the huge gray elephant Lucy. This is a symbol of trade savvy, which was erected by the first developers in the distant 1881. So they wanted to separate their territory of possessions. A lot of tourists come to see the ninety-ton structure to see this huge landmark.

Авиашоу Thunder Over The Boardwalk

Festivals and Holidays in Atlantic City

Since Atlantic City is still considered a resort city, it hosts various events, festivals, concerts and shows for visitors and locals. So, until 2005, the Miss America Contest was held in the city every year, which was later transferred to Las Vegas. The landmark event in the city is considered the Thunder Over The Boardwalk air show, which takes place right on the Atlantic City waterfront. About 800 thousand people come to look at the aircraft, their pirouettes.


And also here located is the concert hall Boardwalk Hall, which hosts concerts of world pop stars. In the summer, you can get to the exciting race of boats and summer running marathon. Among other sporting events that are held in the city, it is worth noting the city golf tournament and professional boxing competitions.

Причал Steel Pier

Dozens of generations of tourists called Atlantic City the “Royal Coast”. So maybe it’s time to go there, and rest like a king?

Атлантик-Сити, казино Bally's

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